The whole world trembled before the appearance of the Wuhan Coronavirus. It is a dent against humanity’s progress – a sign that we shouldn’t take everything for granted. As health experts scramble to determine the nature of the Wuhan Coronavirus, infected cases continue to build up.

While there have been some recoveries among patients, the current global casualty rate is 300 and counting.

if you’re anxious about the Coronavirus, you’re not alone. Listed in this article are some important tips and information about the Coronavirus outbreak.

Unlocking the Wuhan Coronavirus

The Novel Coronavirus or 2019-nCoV is a new strain of coronavirus that’s similar to SARS and MERS-COV. It’s not as deadly as the two, but there’s still much to learn. Once health experts have fully understood the virus, they can now develop a working vaccine.

The 2019-nCoV originated from the province of Wuhan, China. Experts are certain that the virus became potent because of wild animal markets and the unsanitary conditions among those places. Bats and snakes were suspected as carriers of the disease.

2019 nCoV Signs & Symptoms

The first inevitable signs of Coronavirus infection are the common cold and malaise. In some cases, this can progress to a severe runny nose and intense fever. Shortness of breath is also another strong sign. Many of the infected patients have died because of Pneumonia – a complication of the disease. Most of the casualties are the children and the elderly because of their weak immune systems.

The World Health Organization is still doing its best to track down possible symptoms that may appear in a few weeks or months. You should check out the online regulatory boards of WHO and CDC.

Coronavirus – The Transmission Process

Coronaviruses, especially the 2019-nCoV, is transmitted through human-to-human contact. The Wuhan Coronavirus is not airborne but the virus can also be transmitted through respiratory droplets. WHO revealed there’s new evidence suggesting the illness can spread simply by touching a contaminated surface. It’s unclear how long the virus can survive on surfaces.

Keep in mind that the coronavirus can’t survive in extreme heat and has a lifespan of a few minutes. This is why face masks and disinfectants are effective against the outbreak. However, once you’ve contracted the disease, the only thing you can do is help your body to fight back.

Wuhan Coronavirus Preventative Methods

 A person infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus will be quarantined in triage or a large hospital. Currently, there’s no treatment for the 2019-nCoV other than the direct management of symptoms. Understanding the disease is half the battle, so you need to filter out the wrong information.

Preventing the contraction of Wuhan Coronavirus requires discipline and dedication on your part. According to Ontario Public Health, you can start by washing your hands correctly. Wash your hands with soap and water for up to 15 seconds. Make sure that you get between your fingers for effective cleansing.

Also, you should limit your contact with people who seem to be sick – especially the ones with a cough. Since the immune system is your body’s main defense against viruses, you should boost it in the best ways possible. Focus on eating the right foods, getting hydrated, and having enough sleep.

Check out these foods that can improve your immune system:

  • Apples, oranges, peaches
  • Guyabano (superfruit)
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Coconut and coconut oil extracts
  • Lemon water (hydration)
  • Tomatoes
  • Onion and garlic
  • Almond and other nuts

Note: once the outbreak has ended, you should stick to a nutrition-focused lifestyle. This way, you can be sure that immune system will always be in perfect condition all the time.

A Key Note on Hand Sanitation

Another useful prevention method is direct hand sanitation. At your earliest convenience, you can purchase compact hand sanitizers anywhere. The most popular types of hand sanitizers are water-based and alcohol-based. There are also some organic variants but they are more expensive.

You must go for an alcohol sanitizer with up to 70% alcohol content. According to Professor James Scott of Toronto University, a hand sanitizer with 100% alcohol content is not effective. There must be a small amount of water, and 30% is acceptable. The combination of water and alcohol makes the hand sanitizer deadly against viruses.

Planning to Go Outside?

If you need to go outside for longer than 8 hours, do your best not to touch your face. It’s important that you wash your hands before touching any part of your face or body. You should also bring disposable tissues in case you have a severe cough or cold.

But if you’re really feeling unwell, you should just stay at home. Recovery is more important than anything else because your health is on the line.

Final Notes

Even though Coronavirus is scary, you must find the courage to prepare. Panic makes the disease more dangerous, so you need to follow basic health regulations and proper hygiene practices. Also, don’t forget to remind your family to stay safe as well!

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