Valentine’s Day is a special day of unconditional love. It simply means that you and your partner can smile and spend the day with pure happiness and contentment. Basically, the day will become more special if your teeth are as sparkling and beautiful as they can be. Plus, if your breath smells like a baby’s breath, you will definitely make your partner swoon.

Dental Health and You

Any human’s mouth is a home tо mоrе than 6 billion bасtеriа – a рорulаtiоn that nearly exceeds humanity on this planet. Good and bad bacteria remain in your mouth for pure balance.

If there’s a clear abundance of bad bacteria, you are prone to periodontal disease and other infections. This disease will affect your gums, bones, and teeth. Oral problems are commonly linked with other diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

Seeing уоur dеntiѕt regularly is an excellent way to maintain your dental health. More than that, you should also adopt correct dental care practices such as consistent brushing and flossing.

Best Dental Care Solutions

Imagine kissing or smooching a person (strongly and passionately) with a garlicky or even gamey breath. You might feel extremely uncomfortable. Before your fated Valentine’s date, you must avoid foods that are high in garlic, onions, and other strong spices. While such foods are great for maintaining health, they will make your breath notoriously unpleasant.

Aside from a flowery breath, you should strive hard to ensure that your teeth look confidently appealing. You can get a proper whitening procedure from your dentist. The whitening outcome is not just limited to Valentine’s Day but can last for a long time. Dental whitening products are also great but they’re almost always temporary.

Continuous effective hydration is important because it will keep your mouth as fresh as possible. And not only that – hydration is effective for keeping your health optimal. If you want to lose weight, you can never go wrong with water therapy.

If you love delightful sweets, try to limit them this Valentine’s Day. Some sweets that you should totally remove from your diet are lollipops, hard candies, toffee, colourful gumdrops, taffy, caramel, and energy bars. Start by removing small portions until you can fully let go of these sweets.

Final Notes On Your Dental Health

One simple activity that you can try is maintaining a personal dental health journal or a ‘reminders notebook.’ In this journal, you have to jot down your dental goals, key reminders, and personal thoughts. You can even list down the best dental product brands that you’ve researched about.

Here at Guelph Royal Dental Centre, we want you to have the best teeth all the time – not just during Valentine’s Day. Feel free to call us anytime for a dental appointment.