The holidays are coming and everyone is preparing dozens of gifts and foods. You’re probably thinking about the foods that you’re going to eat. While it’s normal to enjoy the best Christmas recipes, you should be mindful of your teeth and your oral health in general.

If you’re concerned about your teeth this Christmas, here are some important tips:

Sweets Damage Your Teeth – Watch Out!

Candies and other types of sweets will surely be a part of any Christmas gathering. Kids will enjoy munching on these sweet delights but adults should be mindful. If you love sweets, then you must be disciplined in eating them.

Practically, the type of sweets that you want matter a little compared to the amount of eating time you’ve spent. For example: you’ve spent a full hour eating chocolate cookies with shake. The amount of sugar from those foods will contribute to the weakening of your teeth’s enamel. So, take your sweets in portions throughout the day – it’s better for your teeth.

Floss In Between Parties

During the holidays, you might be invited to one or more parties with different themes and banquets. It’s easy to get lost in the minutiae of these parties because your friends and relatives will possibly attend.

Your busy holiday party schedule shouldn’t be a hindrance to your oral health responsibilities. If you can’t brush immediately, then you can floss whenever possible. Flossing will take only a few minutes. By doing so, you can remove unwanted meat chunks and other debris from your teeth. Flavoured flosses will even keep your mouth fresh before heading towards the next gathering.

Rinse First, Brush Later

Do you think that it’s okay to brush your teeth after every meal? Well, that’s wrong! If you brush your teeth after a heavy meal, your enamel will wear off faster. The effect is even worse if you have dental veneers.

Instead of brushing, you can try rinsing with water. This will neutralize the acids caused by food and drinks. After 30 minutes or an hour, you can now brush your teeth and floss as usual.

Watch Your Soda Intake

Sodas and concentrated fruit drinks will always be part of Christmas. In a Christmas party, the average attendee can consume as high as five cups of carbonated drinks. Combine this rate with other foods and you’ve got a real dental bomb.

The solution? Be vigilant regarding your soda intake. One cup is enough, two is a bit much, and three pushes the lever a bit far. You’d be better off with water and natural fruit juices.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

Nowadays, you can see a few daredevils who will try to use their teeth as bottle openers or extra tools. Don’t be like them! Your teeth may be tough enough but they’re not meant to be used as general leverage. Unnecessary usage might lead to chipped teeth and other impairments.

Instead of risking your teeth, you should just purchase an all-purpose Swiss knife. This tool is cheaper compared to possible dental treatment and repair costs.

The Best Oral Care Begins With You

Christmas is an important occasion but your teeth are more valuable. Remember to enjoy the holidays and eat your favourite foods. But keep in mind that the best oral hygiene practices will protect your teeth from holiday food pressure.

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